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Edward III, halfpenny

David Bryden said this coin had been identified for him as a halfpenny of Edward I but he believed the ID was wrong. Therefore, he got in touch with me and asked if I could let him know the reign, class, rarity and any other relevant details.

Rather than being struck during the reign of Edward I, this coin is a halfpenny of Edward III. It was struck at London during the florin coinage and in the Standard Catalogue it is number 1557.


This isn’t a rare coin and I’ve seen quite a high number as detecting finds. However, this is certainly one of the best (perhaps the best) examples I have seen. The flan is slightly irregular but the coin is otherwise in VF condition.

Even though this is a fairly common coin its condition makes it rather special. It is so attractive that to a keen collector it shouldn’t be worth any less than £80.

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