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Edward III Half Noble

This is the third gold coin to be sent in by Roger Paul. It is a half noble of Edward III, which was struck at London during the treaty period. The obverse legend has a saltire before EDWARD and in the centre of the reverse is a Lombardic letter E. On both sides there are double saltire stops in the legends. In the Standard Catalogue London half nobles of this type are listed as number 1506.

The treaty period lasted from 1361 to 1369. This was a lull in the war between England and France. Edward III had claimed the throne of France but due to various concessions made by the French a treaty was agreed in May of 1360, through which Edward dropped his claim. On 30 November 1369 Charles V confiscated all Edward’s French lands and this marked the resumption of war.


Roger’s coin would grade Fine in terms of wear but has edge knocks, surface scratches on the obverse and the flan is uneven. Any hammered gold half noble would a really thrilling find but when it comes to value everything depends on the state of preservation. This specimen isn’t a rarity, nor is it in very good condition, so if I was cataloguing it for sale at auction, I would set the pre-sale estimate at £500 – £600 and would expect the hammer price to be within that range.

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