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Noonans sell extremely rare detecting finds

Noonans sell extremely rare detecting finds

Noonans held an auction of coins, tokens and medals on 15 June 2022.  The auction included several recent detecting finds including a couple of extremely rare coins. Good results achieved for all the finds that I’ve featured either meeting or beating their top pre-sale estimate.

To view any of my selected lots in the auction catalogue click on the lot number. The full catalogue can be found here.

There is a buyer’s premium of 24% (plus VAT) on the hammer price.

Featured Lots

Photo: © Noonans

Penny of Ecgberht

Mint: London
Estimate: £6,000 – £8,000
Hammer: £8000

This extremely rare penny of Ecgberht was found in North Yorkshire in 2022. It’s importance stems from the fact that it is a coin of a West Saxon king produced at the London mint. This was possible because Ecgberht’s conquest of London in 829 and his subsequent assumption of the title “King of the Mercians”.

In Naismith’s “The Coinage of Southern England “, published in 2011, only four examples are listed. Two are in the British Museum and one in the Fitzwilliam. in In the decade since, three more were discovered by detectorists, all in a poor state of preservation. This is only the eighth known example of Ecgberht’s London coinage.

Photo: © Noonans

Angel of Richard III

Mint: London
Estimate: £12,000 – £15,000
Hammer: £15000

This Angel of Richard III was found by Mariusz Clepluch during a detecting rally on 21 April 2022in a freshly-ploughed field in Overton, Hampshire. It was recorded at the PAS as SUR-7A0B6C.

Mariusz, who has been detecting for five years, described the find: “I was at a detecting event and I had not found anything all day when I got a good signal. I dug down 4ins and found this coin. When I showed it to other people there they were quite excited and said it could be very valuable.” “

Angle of Richard III bent

When unearthed the coin was a bit crumpled and has since been straightened. The coin’s mint mark is a boar’s head and it is an extremely rare coin.

Mariusz continued “When I got home I researched it and found it to was a Richard III angel and examples had sold for up to £20,000. It was quite a surprise. He is a baker from south London and said “On the day of the auction I will be baking bread early in the morning but then I will stop for the sale“. He will split the proceeds of the sale with the landowner and spend his share on a family holiday to Turkey.

Other detecting finds

Photo: © Noonans

Gallo-Belgic stater

Gallo-Belgic Stater, class Ab, laureate head of Apollo left. Reverse: horse left, pellets and ornaments around, rosette below. Found in Essex in 2022.
Estimate: £1,500 – £1,800
Hammer: £3000
Photo: © Noonans

Penny of Archbishop Jænberht 

Penny of Jaenberht, Archbishop of Canterbury (765-792), with Offa of Mercia as Overlord (c.780-792). Found near Dorchester in 2019.
Estimate: £1,000 – £1,200
Hammer: £1700
Photo: © Noonans

Penny of Edward the Martyr

Penny of Edward the Martyr. Reverse reads LEVIG N – O LINDCOL giving Leofwig as the moneyer and Lincoln the mint. Found near Waddington, Lincolnshire in February 2001.
Estimate: £1,500 – £2,000
Hammer: £2000
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