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Denarius of Trajan

Jamie New described this coin as a recent detecting find. It’s a denarius of Trajan, who became emperor in AD 98 and died in 117. The great column, which still stands in Rome, was erected to commemorate Trajan’s wars against the Dacians.

On the obverse of Jamie’s find is a laureate head of the emperor and a legend reading IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM. On the reverse the seated figure of Victory holds a patera and a palm branch and is accompanied by a legend that reads P M TR P COS II P P.

David Sear does not list this type in volume II of Roman Coins and Their Values. However, in Roman Imperial Coins it is number 10 and in Roman Silver Coins it is number 213. It was struck at Rome in AD 98-99.


It’s not a rare type but having said that, I only traced one other specimen. The latter was in EF condition and it was sold by a dealer for £200. Jamie’s specimen has good eye appeal but would grade no higher than VF. In its present condition I’d give it a price range of £80 – £100.

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