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Denarius of Titus

This find is the second from the group of Roman coins that came in from Mike and John Ruczynski to be identified and valued. On this specimen much of the legend can’t be seen but I include the full reading in my descriptions.

The coin is a silver denarius, which was struck for Titus when he was Caesar under Vespasian. On the obverse is a laureate head facing right and a legend reading T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS. On the reverse is a triumphal quadriga facing left and a legend that reads TR POT VIII COS VII.

In volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values denarii of this type are listed as number 2450. They were struck at Rome during AD 79 and are quite rare.


Sadly, this coin is only in Poor to Fair condition. Despite being rare, in its present state of preservation my price range would be no higher than £20-25.

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