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Denarius of Nero

This coin was found a few months since by Richard Ward and it has been reported with the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Richard asked if I could let him have a valuation in order to split the figure with the owner of the land on which the coin turned up.

This find is a silver denarius of Nero, the emperor who is said to have played a fiddle whilst Rome burned. His poor rule made him very unpopular and this eventually led to revolts and civil war.

On the obverse is the bare head of Nero facing right and the legend on this side reads NERO CAESAR AVG IMP. Facing left on the reverse and with one foot on a pile of arms is the standing figure of Virtus, who holds a parazonium (a short sword or dagger) and a long spear. On this side if the full legend was visible then it would read PONTIF MAX TR P VIII COS IIII P P (EX S C), with the section in brackets flanking Virtus.

In volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values denarii of this type are listed as number 1938. They were struck at Lugdunum in 61-62 AD.  


The coin would grade good Fine to about VF but parts of the legend on both sides are either weak or missing and this does reduce its eye appeal. The type is quite scarce but in its present condition my highest price range on this denarius would be £150-180.

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