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Denarius of Marcus Aurelius

Steve Barnes asked for a valuation on this Roman silver coin, which he described as being in mint condition.

The coin is a denarius of Marcus Aurelius, which was struck during the period when he was Augustus (AD161-80). On the obverse is the laureate head of the emperor facing right and a legend that reads IMP M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG. On the reverse the seated figure of Concordia holds a patera and the legend on this side reads CONCORD AVG TR P XVI with COS III in the exergue.  In volume II of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values denarii of this type are listed as number 4882. They were struck at Rome during AD 162.


The chief factor in regard to the commercial value of any coin is its state of preservation. This is a decent looking denarius but certainly isn’t in mint condition. It would grade at best about VF and the surfaces are grey in colour rather than obviously silver. In its present condition my highest price range would be £30-40.

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