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Denarius of Julia Paula

This is the third item from a group of finds sent in by Stephen Palmer. It’s a Roman denarius with the head of a woman on the obverse.

Besides Emperors and Caesars it’s not particularly unusual for portraits of wives to appear on denarii. On the obverse of this coin is the head of Julia Paula, who was married to Elagabalus. The legend on this side reads IVLIA PAVLA AVG.

The reverse has Concordia seated, facing left holding a patera beneath a star, and a legend reading CONCORDIA. In volume II of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values a denarius like this one is listed as number 7655. The type was struck at Rome during AD 219.


The obverse of Stephen’s find would grade about VF, the reverse VF. It’s not as common as many other Roman denarii and is a decent looking specimen, so my price range would be £70 to £80.

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