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Denarius of Caligula

Peter Vernon sent in the images of this Roman coin on behalf of a detecting colleague, who wanted a valuation on his find.

The coin is a denarius of the early Imperial Period. On the obverse, facing right, is the laureate head of Caligula and a legend that reads C CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR POT. On the reverse is the bare head of Germanicus and if the full legend was visible then it would read GERMANICVS CAES P C CAES AVG GERM. This denarius was issued by Caligula in honour of his deceased father, Germanicus. 

This type isn’t listed in volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values. However, it is number 118 in Roman Imperial Coins.  The type was struck at Lugdunum during late 37 to early 38 AD. It is rare but not very rare.


Overall, the coin would grade good VF but the reverse has been struck well off centre and there is slight pitting to the surface on both sides.

Denarii of this type are popular with collectors, a fact proven by the following auction hammer prices – all dating from the last couple of years. A VF example with corroded surfaces and scratches on the reverse sold for £1,000. Another coin graded good VF but with light marks and scratches sold for nearly £3,000. A third example, graded as good VF, sold for the same figure as the last coin. Lastly, an EF and well centred example sold for £23,000.

The off centre reverse on this coin might put off some collectors but it is still a rare and beautiful coin. If the finder wished to sell the coin via the auction route then I would tell him to take care in his selection of the auctioneer. Some achieve consistently good prices whilst others don’t. Quite obviously, it is in the interest of both the finder and the landowner that the coin would sell for the highest possible figure.

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