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Cut halfpenny of Aethelred II

This is the first coin from a group sent in to be identified and valued by Tony Hollis. When sending in groups please ensure that they are individually numbered, as which obverse goes with which reverse isn’t always obvious.

Tony’s first find is an Anglo-Saxon cut halfpenny. On the obverse is a bust facing left and on the reverse a voided long cross that separates the legend into four sections. Therefore, this is an example of the long cross type of Aethelred II. In the Standard Catalogue it is listed as number 1151.

As I’ve said before about cut halfpennies, the amount of information that can be gleaned from them depends on what is left on the legend on the reverse. On this coin we have NMO LVND. The first N is the last letter of the moneyer’s name, MO is the copulative and LVND is the mint signature. So, whilst I can’t name the moneyer I can at least say that the mint is London.


This is a nice looking Anglo-Saxon cut halfpenny but it would sell for far less than a full penny. However, it’s in VF condition so to a collector is shouldn’t be worth any less than £80.

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