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Cunobelinus Hunters type silver unit

Steve Smith said he found the coin featured here this week. It is shown greatly enlarged as it is an Ancient British silver unit measuring only 12mm in diameter.

Steve’s find is listed in Ancient British Coins as number 2879. It’s a unit of the Catuvellauni and Trinovantes and in ABC it is entitled the Cunobelinus Hunters type. On the obverse is the figure of Hercules and the legend on this side reads CVNOBELINVS. The figure on the reverse is said to be Diana, holding a bow, who is accompanied by a legend reading TASCIIOVANTIS. In the Standard Catalogue the type is number 317.


In ABC the type is said to be very rare but I’ve seen a few examples as detecting finds. A plus point is that more of the legends show up on this specimen than on most others I have seen. It might have been struck from worn dies as the centre is weak on both sides, which is a minus point. Overall it would grade better than Fine but with the weak centres my price range would be no higher than £100 to £120.

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