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Crown piece of George III

Michael Poole sent in the images of this coin on behalf of a friend, who had inherited some coins from his granddad. I was told it is the variety with no stops and the friend wanted a valuation.

The coin is a crown piece of George III, which is dated 1819 beneath the head of the king and the edge year is LIX (59th year of the reign). It is a very rare variety with no stops between the words on the edge of the coin.


Overall this coin would grade about Fine. Crown piece of George III are not particularly rare in exceptionally good condition. In the current market by far the most important factor in relation to the commercial value of any coin is the state of preservation. Relatively common specimens in outstanding condition can sell for very high prices whereas lower grade examples can struggle to attract a buyer, even when catalogue and previous sale prices are heavily discounted.

Despite being a rarity, in its present condition a pre-sale auction estimate on this George III crown piece would be unlikely to be any higher than £50 to £60.

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