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Crispis, billon centenionalis


This Roman coin measures only 19mm in diameter. It’s a billon centenionalis and the finder, Brenda Orme, said in terms of its overall condition it is the best she has ever found.

It’s a coin of Crispus, who was Caesar under Constantine the Great from AD 316 to 326. On the obverse is a laureate and cuirassed bust of Crispus, who holds a shield and a spear. The legend on this side reads IVL CRISPVS NOB CAES.

In the centre of the reverse is an altar, with a globe on top and VOT IS XX on the front. Below, in the exergue, are the mint letters for Trier (STR) and the legend on this side reads BEATA TRANQVILLITAS. This type dates from AD 321 and is listed in volume IV of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values as number 16728.

The coin is in near VF condition but there is a patch of encrustation on the obverse, above the head of Crispus. It’s a reasonably attractive Roman coin but is fairly common. However, as this is the best coin of its type that Brenda has found I’ve no doubt that she will always treasure it.


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