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Copper-alloy finger ring

John Lashmar asked for a valuation on this recently unearthed copper-alloy finger ring. It probably dates from the 16th century and will have been made for a merchant or a middle-ranking gentleman.

I’ve seen trays full of similar rings and they are sometimes sold in large lots in auctions. However, I have it on good authority that these are imported from Europe in large numbers. Detectorists have found a good selection but UK finds sell for more than foreign imports.

The design on the bezel on this ring is difficult to interpret but it might be meant to represent some kind of foliage. Designs would be engraved to order and care would be taken to ensure they were unique. Therefore, it would not matter if the engraved design was impossible to interpret, as long as someone receiving an impression knew from whom it came.



The copper-alloy fabric is a bit rough but this finger ring is intact and in reasonable condition. In terms of its possible commercial value, I’d suggest a price range of £30 to £40.

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