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Continental sterling of Toul

This is another very recent find that came in from Roger Paul. An inexperienced detectorist might write it off as a very worn penny of Edward I. However, Roger identified it as a Continental sterling that was struck at Toul, which is situated in present-day France.

Both sides copy the design of pennies of the Edward I-II type but if the full legend on the obverse was visible then it would read +E C MONETA NOSTRA. Hardly any of the legend on the reverse shows up but it would include a reference to Toul.

This sterling does not include the name of the issuing authority, which has led to different attributions in the past. J. J. North listed is as being struck at Lorraine during the time of Ferry IV but Chautard attributed it to Valeran II. It is now usually listed as being an anonymous issue and probably from a mint at Toul.    


This is a rarity but in its present state of preservation it wouldn’t be worth much in cash terms. Still, money isn’t everything and I consider it to be far more interesting than an Edward I-II penny of the same period.

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