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Continental sterling of Jean II d’Avesnes

This is another find that came in from Cyril Askew. At first sight is looks like a penny of Edward I or II but after taking a closer look it obviously isn’t.

The head on the obverse has in the hair a crocket of roses, so this coin is a Continental crockard, otherwise known as a ‘rosarii’ sterling. On the obverse the legend reads IOHS COMES HANONIE.

The reverse is the same as that on English Edwardian pennies but the legend reads MON ETA MON TES.

All the preceding information adds up to Cyril’s find being a sterling of Jean (John) II d’Avesnes when Count of Hainaut (1280-1304). It was struck at the mint situated in Mons, a place that became famous after a battle was fought there during World War One.

Continental sterlings of this type contained less silver than English pennies so exporting them to England was a profitable exercise. Their circulation was eventually banned and thereafter Continental issuing authorities copied more closely the design of English silver pennies.   


This coin is in Fine condition but is has lost a piece from its edge. It is also one of the types of Continental sterling most frequently found by detectorists. It’s certainly an interesting detecting find but with the edge chip it would be unlikely to sell for a figure any higher than £20.

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