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Continental Sceattas, Series D and E

Here are two silver sceattas, which were sent in by Glenn Lister. Both are Continental issues of types found fairly frequently in England.

Sceatta series E

Glenn said sceatta number one, shown above, was found near York. It belongs to series E and has on the obverse a quilled head (sometimes described as a porcupine) and on the reverse a square standard enclosing TT O II. In the Standard Catalogue this type is listed as number 790.

The coin is well struck and would grade good VF. Auction prices for series E sceattas can be somewhat up and down. I’ve seen VF examples sell for £40 on a bad day and £80 on a better day. Noting is guaranteed but to a collector Glenn’s find should be worth around £100.

Sceatta series D

Sceatta number two was found in Northamptonshire during 2020. It has on the obverse a standard and on the reverse a cross pommee accompanied by pellets and symbols. This is an example of series D, type 8, which is slightly less common than series E but usually sells for a similar figure.

This sceatta is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 793. It would grade about VF, so I would price it at £50.


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