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CNG – Triton XXIV

CNG Triton XXIV Auction

CNG’s Triton XXIV coin auction closed on 20 January. You can view the full auction catalogue and bid here

Below are my picks from the auction, with their estimate. The auction hammer prices and estimates were in dollars. I have provided the sterling equivalent, using the exchange rate at 15 December 2020. In addition to the hammer price, there is a Buyer’s Premium of 20% for bids placed on the website and 22.5% for all others.

The auction is in four sessions. I have chosen lots from Session One, which are mainly Roman coins, and Session Four, which are British Coins.

Session One

The live online sale for Session One begins 19 January 2021 at 9am ET, (2pm GMT)

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Lot 54, Brutus, Aureus

Military mint traveling with Brutus

Sear says of the coin “We now reach the final and unquestionably the most remarkable phase of Brutus’ coinage. On this beautiful aureus his portrait is accompanied by that of his renowned ancestor Lucius Junius Brutus, first consul of the Republic”

Exceedingly rare, one of nine known, and perhaps one of only three in private hands.

Estimate: $150,000 (£112,300)

Hammer: $280,000 (£205,100)

Lot 56, Brutus, Denarius

Military mint traveling with Brutus

Brutus is sending a message here by using his own image and on the reverse a Pileus, or cap of liberty, between the daggers used to assassinate Caesar. 

Estimate: $50,000 (£37,400)

Hammer: $94,000 (£68,900)

Lot 93, Augustus, Denarius

Rome mint

Estimate: $5,000 (£3,700)

Hammer: $9,000 (£6,600)

Lot 107, Nero Claudius Drusus, Aureus

Lyon Mint

Estimate: $5,000 (£3,700)


Lot 117, Claudius, Aureus

Lyon mint

Estimate: $5,000 (£3,700)

Hammer: $10,000 (£7.300)


Lot 132, Nero, Sestertius

Lyon mint.

Temple of Janus on reverse

Estimate: $2,000 (£1,500)

Hammer: £3,250 (£2,400)

Lot 149, Vespasian, Aureus

Rome mint

“Judaea Capta” commemorative

Estimate: $7,500 (£5,600)

Hammer: $19,000 (£13,900)


Session Four

The live online sale for Session Four begins 20 January 2021 at 2pm ET, (7pm GMT)

Lot 1362, Atrebates & Regni, Stater

Southern Mint

Estimate: $1,500 (£1,100)

Hammer: £1,700 (£1,200)


Lot 1368, Corieltauvi Stater


Estimate: $2,500 (£1,900) 

Hammer: $3,250 (£2,400)


Lot 1370, Anglo-Saxon Solidus

Cross on Steps type

A highly important and extremely rare coin, one of five known

Estimate: $20,000 (£15,000)

Hammer: $22,000 (£16,100)

Lot 1383, Edward III Quarter Noble

London Mint

Estimate: $1,000 (£750)

Hammer: $1,100 (£800)


Lot 1389, Richard III Groat

London Mint

Estimate: $2,500 (£1,900)

Hammer: $3,250 (£2,400)

Lot 1396, Mary, Ryal

London Mint

Extremely rare.

Estimate: $75,000 (£56,100)

Hammer: £135,000 (£98,900)

Lot 1413, Charles I Halfcrown

Bridgnorth-on-Severn mint

Possibly the finest known example of this very rare type

Estimate: $6,000 (£4,500)

Hammer: $6,500 (£4,800)

Lot 1422, Charles I Halfcrown

Chester mint


Estimate: $6,000 (£4,500)

Hammer: $6,000 (£4,500)

Lot 1447, James I Demy

Edinburgh mint

Estimate: $3,000 (£2,300)

Hammer: £8,000 (£5,900)

Lot 1449, James V Ducat

“Bonnet Piece”

Estimate: $15,000 (£11,200)

Hammer: $20,000 (£14,600)

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