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Charles I type 3a shilling

Steve Smith asked me to identify and place a value on this hammered silver coin of Charles I. I see lots of Charles I silver coins as detecting finds but most are the low denominations so it was nice to see this large coin, which is a shilling.

On the obverse is a bust of King Charles with XII behind and on the reverse is an oval shield. There is no inner circle on either side and on both sides the mint mark is a tun. All this adds up to this shilling being an example of Tower type 3a, which is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 2791.

Many Charles I type 3a shillings are struck on smaller flans than the other types. Some look to be clipped but the weight is up to the required standard.     


The bust on Steve’s find is a bit weak and so are parts of the shield on the reverse but it is otherwise in about VF condition. The VF catalogue price of close to £200 is very optimistic, as examples can often be bought for a good deals less. In its present condition I’d price this coin a £90 to £100.

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