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Charles I Shilling

This coin, found by Paul Marland, came in a couple of days before the Friday update on the website. It is a shilling of Charles I, on which Paul wanted a valuation.

It’s always nice when a larger than average hammered silver coin turns up, especially when it is in reasonably decent condition. This Charles I shilling was struck at the Tower of London and has mint mark anchor on both sides, which dates it to 1638-39 (just before the start of the first civil war). A number of varieties are known for shillings with mint mark anchor, this one being Tower type 4.3 (number 2796 in the Standard Catalogue).


The obverse has been struck slightly off centre and there is a flat area on both sides but the coin is otherwise in Fine or better condition. Pricewise, in its present state of preservation a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be £50 – £60.

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