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Charles I Shilling

This coin was unearthed just before the latest restrictions came into force. It was found by Stephen Palmer, who was kind enough to send it in to my website. The coin is a Tower mint shilling of Charles. It’s an example of type 3A, with mint mark crown on both sides.

Type 3A with mint mark crown was struck in 1635 and 1636, so it pre-dates the Civil Wars that ravaged England during the 1640s. To some this was looked upon as a terrible rebellion but for others it was a necessary revolution. That King Charles ruled for many years without a Parliament was accepted by his supporters but bitterly resented by many others. The two sides were so far apart that it eventually led to war, the grasp of power by the Parliamentary army and the execution of Charles I.


On the obverse of Stephen’s shilling the king’s face is weak but this side is otherwise Fine and the legend stands out very well; the reverse would grade Fine. In its present condition my price range would be £40-50.

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