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Charles I, half crown

The coin pictured here is number four from the group that came in from Jamie New. One thig is certain: if it was near the surface then Jamie’s detecting machine would have given off a very loud signal as it passed over

The coin is a halfcrown of Charles I, which was struck at the mint situated in the Tower of London. It’s an example of type 3a1 and has mint mark crown on both sides, which dates the coin to 1635-36. When it was struck Charles was still ruling England without a Parliament and would continue to do so for some time to come. However, relations between Parliament and the king eventually deteriorated to such an extent that the two sides went to war in 1642.


The reverse of Jamie’s halfcrown is reasonably clear and this side would grade Fine. On the obverse the centre is rather weak, so I’d grade this side no better than Fair. It’s not a rare coin but on the plus it’s much larger than the low denominations of Charles I so often found by detectorists. As it stands, I’d give it a price range of £50 – £60.

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