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Centenionalis of Constantine the Great

This Roman coin came in from John Wells, who asked for his find to be identified and valued.

The coin is a billon centenionalis of Constantine the Great, whose dates are AD 307 to 337. On the obverse, facing right, is the helmeted head of the emperor and a legend that reads CONSTANTINVE P AVG.

On the reverse is an altar inscribed with VO TIS XX in three lines, together with a legend that reads BEATA TRANQVILLITAS. There is a globe and stars above the altar; to the left of it is a letter C and to the right a letter R. Below, in the exergue, are the mint letters for Lugdunum (PLG).

Several varieties of this coin are listed in volume IV of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values. However, Sear does not include an example with a helmeted head on the obverse and C R by the altar on the reverse.



The obverse is well struck and in VF condition. The reverse isn’t as good as corrosion has removed some of the lettering and detail. It’s an interesting variety so even with the faulty reverse it should be worth £12 to £15 to a Roman specialist.

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