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Centenionalis of Constantine II

The images of this Roman coin were sent in by Mike Ruczynski. It is a billon (base silver) centenionalis and is only 15mm in diameter but is shown greatly enlarged.

This coin is a commemorative issue, which was struck under Constantine II and Constantius II in honour of their father, Constantine the Great. On the obverse is the veiled head of Constantine and if the whole of the legend was visible then it would read DIV CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG.

On the reverse is the veiled figure of Constantine in a quadriga galloping upwards to the right towards the hand of God emerging from clouds. The mint letters below (TRP) are those for trier. There is no legend on this side.


In volume V of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values this coin is listed as number 17476 and dated to AD 337-40. Sear prices the coin in VF at £13, which suggests it is quite common. However, this is the first example I can remember seeing as a detecting find.

Small Roman base metal coins are often in poor condition when they come out of the soil. This one has some eye appeal and would grade about VF, so my price range would be £15 to £20.

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