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Centenionalis of Constans

Stewart Beech is the finder of this Roman coin, which is 15mm in diameter. Stewart said that when it turned up he was surprised it was in such good condition, as most others that have been found in the same area have been in a poor state when they surfaced.

On the obverse the legend reads FL I CONSTANS NOB CAES around a laurate, draped and cuirassed bust. On the reverse two soldiers, each resting on a shield and holding a spear, stand facing a single standard. Below, in the exergue, are the mint letters for Heraclea (SMH), followed by E, which is the officina letter of the mint workshop that produced the coin. The reverse legend reads GLORIA EXERCITVS.

All the details given above enable me to say this coin is a billion (very base silver) centenionalis of Constans when he was Caesar under Constantine the Great. The coin was struck in AD 335-36 and is listed in volume V of Roman Coins and Their Values as number 18373.


Stewart’s find is weak in places but good enough to grade about VF. It’s not a rare coin, so I would price it no higher than £5.

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