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Carmarthenshire Treasure finds

Some detecting finds from Carmarthenshire were declared treasure on Friday 26 May 2022. They included a Bronze Age hoard and a 16th Century silver gilt pendant. Both were found in November 2020.

Bronze Age Hoard

The hoard was discovered by detectorist Richard Trew near Llandovery. He said “I felt as though I was taken back in time, no other words can describe it. I couldn’t stop laughing as I kept finding more objects. I will never forget the moment and it will be with me forever

Photo: Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

The hoard contained one large spearhead, three small spear fragments, a bracelet fragment, nine ribbed socketed axes, two plain socketed axes, one faceted axe, two sheet bronze fragments and a casting jet. It is believed to date to 1000 – 800BC.

Archaeologists from Dyfed Archaeological Trust and National Museum Wales carried out an investigation of the find site. Christopher Griffiths of the National Museum Wales said “The responsible actions of Mr Trew in reporting the find and documenting the moment of discovery has meant that we are able to reveal more of the story behind the burial of this hoard.

16th Century silver-gilt pendant

The pendant was found by by David Edwards detecting in a field near Llandysul.

Photo: Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

The heart shaped pendant has a design to represent Christ’s wound, a symbol of the Catholic faith. The 16th century was clearly a time of some conflict between the Church of England and Roman Catholic faiths

Gavin Evans, museums curator at Carmarthenshire Council, said that he very much hoped to acquire these new Treasure finds.

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