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Cannon ball

The find pictured here is shown in the hand of Stephen Corner, who said is weighs just under one pound. I was asked if it could be a cannon ball or if it might be something else.

I’ve been detecting for close to 25 years and have unearthed a couple of similar finds; one was about three inches in diameter and the other two inches. I consider both to be none other than cannon balls and would say the same about Stephen’s find.

The first one I located was the three inches in diameter example. I initially put it in my find’s bag but soon took in out and deposited it on the edge of a field and left it there until the end of the detecting session.    


I’ve seen a few cannon balls being sold in auction sales on television. They sometimes fetch around £50 but I remember one selling for under £20. Therefore, auction prices can be somewhat erratic.

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