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Bronze unit of the Durotriges

Jon Pitt is the finder of the coin pictured here. He said it is the same size as an Ancient British stater (about 18mm in diameter) but might be made of bronze.

Nothing that I could identify shows up on the obverse. The reverse depicts a disjointed horse made up of pellets lines and crescents. The metal does appear to be bronze (copper-alloy.

This find would appear to be a struck bronze unit of the Durotriges. A similar coin is illustrated in Ancient British Coins as number 2175. In the Standard Catalogue units of this type are listed as number 371.


The obverse could have been struck by a very worn or damaged die; alternatively, perhaps only a reverse die was used to make it. In its present condition Jon’s find could be worth £10 at best. On the plus side, it’s Ancient British, around 2,000 years old and it’s one more specimen than I’ve ever managed to find.

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