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Bronze Age tools declared as Treasure

Last week, this hoard of Bronze Age tools was declared treasure. The objects were found during an organised metal detecting event in 2020 in the Baschurch area of Shropshire and have been named the Baschurch Hoard. They were recorded at the PAS as LVPL-F58748.

The hoard had been deliberately deposited and consists of two axes and a bronze gouge. The larger elegant and slender axe is reported to be highly unusual with few examples known. Its size and shape suggest that it was a specialised tool / woodworking carpentry axe. The gouge appears to have been deliberately broken into two with the finder reporting the two pieces had been found side by side.

Peter Reavill, FLO for Shropshire and Hereford said “They would have been used for specific tasks such as making dugout canoes and planked log boats, as well as building houses and creating household furniture. As such they shouldn’t be considered as casual losses but deliberate gifts to the land, placed in areas of danger or risk for reasons we may not ever really understand. We do know that by breaking them and placing them out of use within the ground our farming predecessors were following long held traditions important to their way of life.”

It is hoped that the tools will go on display at Shrewsbury Museum, where they are working on a new Bronze Age exhibition. Emma-Kate Lanyon, Curator of Shropshire Museum said the exhibition “will explore the discovery of the Shropshire Sun Pendant and the North Shropshire Bronze Age Hoards.” I reported last week, the Shropshire Sun Pendant to go on display.

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