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Bronze Age flanged axe head

Phil Matthews asked for a valuation on this find and I’m assuming it turned up fairy recently. It’s a Bronze Age axe head, an example of which is missing from the majority of collections of detecting finds. No size was given but the average is about 6 inches (150mm). Whether or not you are likely to unearth one of these depends on the amount of activity in the area during the Bronze Age.

I’ve seen axe heads of this type described as a winged palstave. However, it lacks the central ridge, which is a feature of the palstave type, so this is a flanged axe head. The date range for this type is circa 1700BC to circa 1100 BC.


The overall state of preservation is difficult to assess. Apart from a couple of small chips to the cutting edge it looks to be in good condition and I can’t see any active corrosion. In terms of its possible commercial value, I’d suggest it should be worth at least £200.

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