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Base metal antoninianus of Carausius

This Roman base metal antoninianus of Carausius was unearthed by Dai Devonald during an Oxford Blues detecting outing. Dai said he had not been able to trace the exact variety so he asked if I could help.

On the obverse CARAVSIVS stands out well but the letters at the start and end of the legend are unclear. On the reverse are the standing figures of Carausius and the personification of Britannia and if the whole of the legend was visible then it is likely that it would read EXPECTATE VENI. The mint letters, which would be beneath the two figures, are unclear.


The coin has been struck off centre but is otherwise in Fine condition. The nearest coin I traced of Carausius is number 13573 in volume IV of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values but the dies used on Dai’s antoninianus are different. Therefore, I cannot pin it down exactly. However, as it is an interesting type and is obviously of considerable rarity it should be worth at least £150 to a specialist collector.

Coinage of Carausius

The coinage of Carausius is bristling with great rarities, many of which have turned up during the last couple of decades as detecting finds. A revised and updated edition of Roman Imperial Coinage, compiled by Dr Sam Moorhead, will be published shortly. This will include a host of previously unpublished Carausian coins. This has been made possible by the huge amount of work put in by Sam and the countless hours of searching by an army of detecting enthusiasts.

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