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Anglo-Saxon Stirrup-Strap Mount

Here is another find that came in from Roger Paul. It’s an artefact, which has been identified as a late Anglo-Saxon stirrup-strap mount. It is copper-alloy, measures roughly 45mm from top to bottom and is in good condition. The standard reference work on these things is Late Saxon Stirrup-strap Mounts by David Williams. Roger’s find is class A, type 12. The scarcer variety has four deep depressions in the body, whilst on the less scarce variety the depressions are holes. In the mount illustrated here there are three depressions and one hole, the latter being due to a casting fault.


This is one of those things that used to be rare until detectorists dug up lots of types and varieties. Though some types are still rare or very rare, today most can only be described as scarce. Many turn up broken and/or corroded but other than the casting flaw, this one is intact and has clean surfaces.

Selling prices aren’t as high as they used to be but this mount should still be worth £60-80.

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