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Anglo-Saxon “stepped cross” sceatta

Featured here is another rare Anglo-Saxon sceatta. We’ve recently had at least one rare sceatta on the website for several weeks. This specimen was unearthed on the 16th of November by Tony Hollis, who said he had narrowed it down to the stepped cross type. I was asked to provide a valuation.

On the obverse is a quilled head with a very stylised face looking towards the right. On the reverse is a stepped cross with a ring-and-dot centre and a pellet in one quarter. In the Standard Catalogue sceattas like this one are listed in the primary phase as type 53 of the stepped cross variety.

When the Abramson collection was sold in 2021 this type was catalogued as ‘Series E related, primary phase, stepped cross’. There are several varieties of both the obverse and the reverse dies.


Tony’s find is well struck and in VF condition, so to a collector it should be worth around £200.

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