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Anglo-Saxon silver sceatta

This is a very recent find, which was unearthed by Ian Darke. I was asked to provide an ID and give my opinion on what it might be worth.

     Firstly, Ian’s find is an Anglo-Saxon silver sceatta. On the obverse, set within a partial inner circle, is a bust facing right; a curved line of pellets form a shoulder, above which a cupped hand holds a cross pommee. On the reverse is the head of a creature facing right, the coiled body of which is formed by pellets.

      This sceatta is an example of series K, type 32a and the date of striking will be between AD 710 and 760. In the Standard Catalogue the reference for the type is listed as number 803C.



The obverse would grade about VF, the reverse VF. This is a nice example of a rare type and is its present condition it should be worth around £400 to a specialist collector.

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