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Anglo-Saxon silver Sceatta

Here is another coin sent in from Stephen Palmer. It’s an Anglo-Saxon silver sceatta, which was struck during the secondary phase starting circa 710 AD and ending circa 760 AD.

On the obverse is a bust facing right, with a long cross in front and a trefoil behind. On the reverse is a square standard with saltires in the angles. Sceattas of this type belong to series G, type 3a, and are listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 800. A number of minor varieties are known.


The surface on the obverse looks slightly rough and there is a small edge chip at 12 o’clock but this side is otherwise about VF. There is some deposit on the reverse that obscures the detail and this side would grade no better than about Fine.

This is sceatta is quite scarce but in its present condition my price range would be no higher than £50 – £60.

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