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Anglo-saxon sceatta “stepped cross” variety

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a number of very rare Anglo-Saxon and Continental silver sceattas on the website. Featured here is another, which was unearthed very recently by Glenn Lister.

On the obverse is a quilled crescent facing right, with a crude face in the arc. In the centre of the reverse is a pellet within an annulet surrounded by a stepped cross with a pellet between each arm.

In the Standard Catalogue sceattas like this one are described as the stepped cross variety, type 53 (number785). When the Abramson collection was sold last year it contained three examples of S. 785 and they were catalogued as ‘Series E – Related’. However, even though the obverse is similar to that on Continental series E sceattas, the stepped cross type is English and a good deal rarer.


The obverse on Glenn’s find would grade good VF. The reverse has been struck slightly off centre and would grade no higher than VF. In its present condition my pre-sale auction estimate would be £180 to £220.

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