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Anglo-Saxon Sceatta Series U

Tom Burton thought this find was an Anglo-Saxon sceatta but wasn’t 100% certain. Therefore, he asked me to provide a full ID and let him know what it could be worth.

Firstly, this definitely is an Anglo-Saxon silver sceatta. On the obverse is a standing figure facing left with a long cross pommee in each hand. The figure rests on a curved line with pellet tips; the line might be meant to boat or could be simply decorative.

The reverse is not very clear but the imagery is meant to represent a stylised bird in foliage.

This sceatta is an example of series U, type 23d. In the Standard Catalogue it is listed as number 816 and in J. J. North’s English Hammered Coinage it is number 83.



What might Tom’s find be worth? Well, the obverse is VF but it has been struck off centre. The reverse isn’t as good and the imagery is difficult to interpret, which is a minus point. That series U is rare is a plus point. The reverse does let it down but this sceatta could still be worth up to £200.

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