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Anglo-Saxon sceatta of series H

We have had a very rare Anglo-Saxon sceatta on the website for the last three Friday updates and here we have another for this week. The latest coin was unearthed very recently during a club dig in Lancashire by Keith Browning, who asked for more information and a valuation on his find.

This sceatta is native Anglo-Saxon and is an example of series H, type 49. Within an inner circle on the obverse is a ‘Wodan’ head and this is surrounded by eleven roundels. On the reverse, facing right is a bird, which is sometimes described as a peacock. 


In the Standard Catalogue sceattas like this one are listed as number 801A. However, there are several different obverse and reverse varieties and die parings. One of the rarest varieties is the one with eleven roundels on the obverse, of which Keith’s find is an example.

The background on both sides is a bit rough but the coin is otherwise in about VF condition. As it is a rarity a pre-sale auction estimate shouldn’t be any lower than £300 to £400.

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