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Ancient British Stater


This Ancient British gold stater was found by in 2013 by a detectorist who goes by the impressive name of Lordofthecoils. It’s a Cunobelinus Wild type stater, with a corm ear flanked by CA MV on the obverse. On the reverse is a rearing hose with a branch and a star above, a ring-and-dot below and CVNO on the ground line. In Ancient British Coins the type is listed as number 2783 and in the Standard Catalogue it is number 283.

Handed over to farmer

When it turned up it was given to the farmer of the land on which it was found and it is still in his possession. The main reason Lordofthecoils wanted to have the coin on my website is to show that detectorists look after farmers. He said that he knows many others who are very generous and fair, which is contrary to what some critics might think. Having handed over such a valuable coin he now feels it deserves a little more exposure to a wider audience.

Honesty brings rewards

Honesty can sometimes lead to a very beneficial outcome. A detectorist once told me that he’d called on a landowner with a request to search quite a large estate. The landowner said a couple of detectorists already had permission and had found next to nothing after years of searching. However, he said the caller could do a couple of hours detecting but no more. He was directed to a field and in two hours found a really good range of finds. He took them to show the landowner to see if anything was of interest to him. The landowner was amazed by what he saw and promptly granted the detectorist sole rights to search the estate. He heard later that the two detectorists who had been searching for years had been told by the landowner that their services were no longer required.


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