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Ancient British Silver Unit of Dobunni

Ian Darke knew this find was an Ancient British silver unit but asked if I could provide him with a full ID. The obverse is meant to be a very stylised head. However, the weakness in the centre makes it look totally abstract. The reverse imagery is not as stylised and is clearly a horse facing right. It has a cross over its back and rings-and-dots in the field. All this adds up to this silver unit being a coin of the Dobunni.

In Ancient British Coins the type is listed as number 2027 (Cotswold Oxo) and in the Standard Catalogue it is number 377. Overall, the coin would grade about VF. ABC lists it as ‘Common’ but whether or not you ever find one depends on where you detect. If it is within the boundary of Dobunni territory then you have a good chance of finding a specimen but the further you move away from the boundary then the less likely will you be to meet with success. I’m based in West Yorkshire and in the areas I search Ancient British Coins are very few and far between.


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