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Welsh finds declared Treasure

Three Welsh finds from the Bronze Age and medieval periods were declared Treasure last week (Friday 6th August). The two Bronze Age hoards (dating to 1000-800 BC) and a medieval silver brooch, pictured above, were all discovered by metal detectorists.

The silver brooch was found by detectorist Steve Cashmore in January 2019 at Langstone, Newport. The brooch is inlaid with niello and thought to date to the 13th or 14th Century. Dr Mark Redknap, from National Museum Wales, said; “Worn primarily as dress-fasteners, this particular brooch form has a curved crossbar to prevent snagging of textile

Bronze Age Hoards

Two Bronze Age hoards were found in Monmouthshire

The first hoard was found by Brendan Bishop while detecting in Monmouth in late 2016. The second hoard was found by Darren Jassett in LLanover in May 2017. It is thought they were buried together nearly 3,000 years ago as a religious offering by a community of farmers living nearby.

Monmouthshire Museums Curator, Anne Rainsbury commented: “Bronze Age Hoards are one of the many mysteries from prehistory, and there are fascinating theories about why people may have deliberately buried collections of broken, as well as whole bronze axes and other tools. We are very pleased that they can take a place in our Museums and help tell the stories of people who lived in Monmouthshire thousands of years ago.”

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