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17th century halfpenny token

This find is slightly smaller than the decimal pennies we use today. It was found by Oliver Jackson but the images were sent in by a detecting colleague. I was asked to provide as much information as possible.

Oliver’s find is a 17th century halfpenny token. Within the inner circle on one side arm the arms of Boston in an ornate shield; the surrounding legend reads A BOSTON HALF PENY TO BE. In the inner circle on the other side is a ram sitting on a woolsack and the legend reads CHAINGED BY YE OVERSERS.

Some tokens of this period were issued in very small numbers and are eagerly sought after by collectors. This one, which was struck on behalf of the Overseers of Boston in Lincolnshire, is part of a large issue. Of the various Boston tokens, this is the one most frequently found by detectorists. In the reference work by Michael Dickinson it is listed as number 15 on page 93.


Lots of people collect 17th century tokens but this one isn’t particularly scarce and in its present condition my highest price range would be £10 – £15.

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