Quarter Stater of the Atrebates and Regni

Issued by: Atrebates and Regni
Denomination: Quarter Stater


Jon Pitt is the finder of this Ancient British gold quarter stater. Having not been able to trace an exact match, Jon asked me to identify and place a value on his find.

The obverse has a crude letter A on it but is otherwise plain. On the reverse is a horse facing left, with a symbol above that has been described as a solar motif. Below the horse is a double ring and a single ring.

In the Standard Catalogue quarter staters of this type are listed under Commius of the Atrebates and Regni as number 67. In Ancient British Coins they are catalogued as the Commius A-type and listed as number 1031 (said to be scarce).


The head of the horse is flat but the coin is otherwise in good VF condition. To a collector, this coin shouldn’t be worth any less than £400.

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