Elizabeth I pattern “pledge” copper penny

Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By 2.0
Issued by: Elizabeth I
Denomination: Penny
Mint: London
Period: Post-Medieval
Date found: 05/04/2021
Location: Wiltshire


An extremely rare copper Pattern Pledge penny. This pattern was produced in 1601 for a proposed copper coinage which was never realised during Elizabeth’s reign.

Lot 1252, DNW auction – 18 September 2013, © DNW

This lot from a DNW shows how the find would have looked when struck. It was engraved by Charles Anthony and shows a crowned bust of Elizabeth three-quarters left in elaborately embroidered dress, with jewels and ruff collar, toothed border both sides. The penny was struck in both silver and copper, with the copper being more scarce. The auction lot fetched £4,100.