Edward, Count of Bar, continental sterling

Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By 2.0
Issued by: Edward, Count of Bar
Denomination: Continental Sterling
Mint: St Mihiel
Period: Medieval
Date found: 02/08/2021
Location: Chichester, West Sussex


This continental imitation of an Edward I penny was struck for Edward, Count of Bar (1302 – 1336), at the Saint Mihiel mint in France. The Count was the grandson of Edward I; his mother Eleanor was Edward I’s oldest surviving daughter. Bar, now named Barrois, is in present day Lorraine, North East France. The obverse reads: EDWAR CVENS DE BAR and the reverse: MON ETS MIC AEL. It is a rare coin and is the first example recorded on the PAS database. It has been designated a Find of Note: County importance.